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Hyundai Charging Equipment Installation

Fill in the form below to request an installation quote from JET Charge for dealership customers. Please note standard installation terms at the end of this form.

Please note that JET Charge and Hyundai Motor Company Australia have partnered to deliver a standard installation on the following basis:

  • The installation of a JET Charge supplied AC EV Wall Charger. (Maximum demand/current setting to be determined on Premises)
  • A dedicated circuit approximately 20 metres of wall ceiling mounted cable (including PVC surface mount conduit; and no more than 400mm of flexible PVC conduit in a visible location)
  • An isolation switch mounted so that it is readily accessible to the EV wall connector
  • All associated electrical containment and hardware fixings for the installation
  • Installation of electrical circuit protection in switchboard
  • Installation of Type A RCD at origin of the circuit. Type A RCD’s protect against residual DC Current (in accordance with AS/NZS 3000:2018 Electrical Installation Wiring Rules)
  • If required, then circuit Protection Arrangement (Replacement of a double pole RCBO for single pole RCBO)
  • Additional Enclosure for Circuit Protection if Switchboard is full
  • If required, then a replacement of Main Switch with a Current Limiting device (Circuit Breaker) Excludes Electrical Inspection costs

A standard installation does not involve:

  • Apartment installs
  • Major Circuit Protection Arrangement (Replacement of multiple pole RCBO’s)
  • Electrical Inspection Costs (required for prescribed works)
  • Major electrical upgrade works
  • Consumer / Sub Main Upgrade
  • Switchboard Replacement
  • Trenching Civil Works
  • Structural Impedance (e.g. lifting roofing sheets)
  • Asbestos Removal