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JET Charge specialise in bringing EV charging to all New Zealander's and we serve Owners’ Corporations and strata managers nationwide

Here are some of the processes and solutions that make it possible.

EV charging for shared living

Every day, more and more New Zealander’s make the move to shared living.

These New Zealander’s demand the same amenities as any other and that includes EV charging. Providing this can be a challenge, but JET Charge offer a solution. We are Australasia’s most experienced charging installer and manager.

JET Charge specialise in integrating charging within commercial-scale electrical networks. Whatever the challenges of your site, we can bring charging to your residents. For advice on adding charging to new developments, see our ‘Property Developers’ page.

How can I manage EV charging easier?

Having spoken with hundreds of strata managers in the last decade, we get it – it’s hard enough having to look after one building, let alone 100, all of whom want something done RIGHT NOW.

Throw in something new like EV charging, and it seems easier to put it off and let the next person or committee deal with it.

This is why we have created automated, large scale solutions that means a hands off, but eyes on, approach for strata managers and owners’ corporations.

Assessment and planning

We conduct a comprehensive site review for every project. Once contacted by your Owners’ Corporation, we’ll begin the process to construct a preliminary plan and propose a path forward for your complex.

This allows you to get an idea of what is possible, which solutions might best suit your residents, and how we should proceed.

Our processes ensure that your project receives the optimal solution and your residents get the most benefit from EV charging. Because we are the actual technicians that install the chargers, we provide practical, usable information, rather than just consultant gibberish.

Integrated systems

JET Charge co-founded and works closely with Chargefox, a leading billing and charge-management software provider in Australia and New Zealand. Their network is only one of the many resources we regularly employ to make charging viable and simple in shared electrical networks.

Our goal to improve apartment charging also led us to develop the CORE Energy Management System through our in-house engineering team. CORE integrates and manages power delivery within site networks, using open-source protocols to optimise networks with a wide range of hardware and software options.

Our technicians use these resources and relationships to design the best possible charging systems for our clients.

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For residents

JET Charge prepare proposals on behalf of electric vehicle drivers to their owners corporation and strata manager, completely free of charge. All you pay for is the installation (and hardware if required). If you’re an apartment resident looking to get started on charging, see our ‘Apartment Residents’ page.

There is no catch. We do it because we recognise the importance of every single electric vehicle in our transition to a low emissions, high tech future.

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