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Local governments around New Zealand are demonstrating true leadership by paving the way to transport electrification: upgrading their fleets and providing much-needed infrastructure to constituents.

The leader in council EV charging solutions

Since our inception, we have been fortunate enough to work with some of Australasia’s most progressive and innovative councils, some of whom are listed here. Why do we get to work with all of these councils? It’s because we care about your goals as a leader in the local community. We bring the same long-term thinking to our projects that you do for your area and ratepayers. Whether it’s environmental policy, tourism & economic activity or ratepayer amenities, we have the experience and know-how to ensure you get the most from your EV charging system.

Why should local government support electric vehicles?

Councils form the community backbone of New Zealand’s leadership position in the transition to a low-emissions economy. Whether it’s recycling programs, solar bulk-buy programs or energy efficiency education, people look to their councils for inspiration and leadership when it comes to practical sustainability solutions.

On top of this leadership role, councils can achieve a reduction in total cost of ownership by adopting electric cars in their own fleet. They can also drive tourism, increase spending in local businesses and improved amenity for ratepayers through the provision of public charging infrastructure.

Why should councils adopt an EV fleet?

Switching to an electric fleet for your council vehicles is a perfect way to reduce your carbon footprint and create long-term savings in fuel and vehicle maintenance. With solar integration, EVs can be run entirely emissions and operating cost-free. These savings only grow as years pass and the initial investment is paid off. For certain Councils, the total cost of ownership is already lower with EVs today.

It’s also easy to forget that vehicles are also places of work. By offering a quiet, smooth and easy to drive vehicle, Councils are improving working conditions for their staff.

Most Councils that JET Charge work with start with one vehicle, and grow from there. Some of our clients now have more than ten EVs in their fleet, and they continue to be the most popular vehicles for Council staff.

Why should councils provide public charging?

Local government has an essential role to play in providing public charging to ratepayers. By offering this amenity, you make it easier for your residents to drive and charge on the go, assisting nearby businesses and promoting sustainability in your community,

You can do this for both “charging hubs” in commercial districts, as well as discreet on street charging options, such as lightpole chargers, in residential areas with no off street parking areas.

Public charging infrastructure is a driver of tourism and commercial revenue, and a powerful enabler for your ratepayers to exercise their choice to lean towards a low emission transport future.

Creating and implementing globally leading solutions

JET Charge doesn’t just install charging stations, we also design and implement some of the world’s most advanced energy management technology to protect and optimise each site. We also design and create hardware agnostic payment solutions so that EV charging is open to all who come.

We are a genuine turnkey service, with in house designers, engineers, electricians, project managers and delivery specialists. We have done this so that no piece of the EV charging puzzle is left out, and so you can have confidence that your electric car is charged safely, cost effectively and easily.

JET Charge have deployed more than 5000 charging stations across the Australasian region, and we bring that experience to every project we engage with.

Building up New Zealand’s EV charging ecosystem

In 2018 JET Charge wanted to create a locally owned and operated charging network, because overseas companies did not cater to local needs. So created Chargefox, now Australasia’s largest EV charging network, with more than 1400+ plugs under management.

Chargefox integrates seamlessly with in-car navigation systems and popular mapping providers like Google, making it convenient for all EV users to access – either via the Chargefox app or via their in-car navigation.

By using Chargefox to manage your charging station, you are ensuring high visibility to the public. Chargefox also manages the greatest number of EV fleets in Australia and is rapidly scaling in New Zealand, having developed a specific software management platform designed for fleets.

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Every project we do is tailor-made for the site, client, and EVs that will be using it. We ensure that our solutions are robust and futureproofed so that investment is secured to rapidly evolving EV technology.

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