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EV Charging services for residents, developers, and owners' corporation

The leader in apartment EV charging

Apartment residents don’t have to miss out on EV ownership or access to electric car charging.

Owners and developers enjoy a marketable, sustainable, future-proof asset.

We helped our first apartment customer in 2013, and have been pioneering EV charging in apartments ever since. Let us do the same for you.

We ensure you can charge your electric car

We’ve worked with hundreds of apartment owners to get them set up with their own electric car charging systems.

We specialise in integrating private chargers into shared electrical networks and complex building-wide infrastructure. Our hardware and software solutions make it possible for you to use your charging station in your own car space and still be able to reimburse the building for your electricity usage.

We also offer shared EV charging in communal bays as a starting point for buildings who want to offer their residents EV charging.

We guarantee your building can handle it

One of the first questions we get is whether the building can handle everyone charging their electric car. Our job is to make sure it can.

However, importantly, we don’t ask any of our clients to “gold plate” their building (unless you want us to). Our solutions are iterative and scalable, meaning that we will only recommend reasonable, cost effective implementations of infrastructure.

We also design and implement some of the world’s most advanced energy management technology to protect and optimise each site, whilst keeping it affordable.

We are your genuine one stop shop

We’ll be honest with you – selling an EV charging station is only a tiny fraction of the overall picture. JET Charge are a genuine turnkey service with in-house designers, electrical engineers, hardware and software engineers, electricians, project managers and delivery technicians. We are one of the only companies in New Zealand capable of simultaneously deploying 1 charging station in a boutique apartment to outfitting every car park space in a greenfield development.

We’ve done the hard yards over the past decade so that we can make it easy for you.

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Every project we do is tailor-made for the site, client, and EVs that will be using it. We ensure that our solutions are robust and futureproofed so your investment is secured to rapidly evolving EV technology.

Contact us using the form below and one of our project coordinators will be in touch.

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