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Public charging is an essential resource and utility for the EV revolution

As more people make the switch, public charging will become more important for drivers and more valuable for local businesses. Local government have a vital part to play in leading public EV charging infrastructure.

Council Public installations

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This page is specifically about public EV charging for your council. For a broader overview of EVs and local government, click here.

What kind of public charging should I offer?

First, ask who the chargers are for. Would you like visitors to your municipality for a day trip, or are you encouraging them to stay longer? Are you providing chargers for tourism or as an amenity? Will they be located in the town centre or at the local supermarket?

The short answer is this: choose DC charging if you want to attract people somewhere, and use AC charging to promote drivers staying in one place for longer.

There are a myriad of charging options available. But you don’t need to go through it alone. JET Charge has worked extensively with councils all over the last 10 years to help facilitate their EV transition, and we’re here to help.

Should I “charge” for charging?

Making drivers pay to charge has advantages and disadvantages that you should consider with regard to your council’s goals and budgetary considerations.

In many cases, people value services more when that value is recognised by the provider. Charging doesn’t have to be free to be popular, and even the most expensive charging is often much cheaper than petrol. Having charging available in convenient locations is much more important to drivers than whether it costs a few dollars.

However, sometimes the convenience of free stations translates to other benefits. Drivers charging for free near a shopping precinct will likely spend longer in the area, as will those parked near restaurants or local attractions. This is true for most AC stations. However we always recommend billing for use of DC stations. Chances are, based on the council’s buying power, you can still charge people less for electricity than they pay in their own homes.

Contact our team today and we can help you choose the right hardware for your requirements that will also adhere to any regulations.

On-street resident parking? Try lamp post chargers.

JET Charge are pioneering solutions to make charging accessible to residents without off-street parking. This is a common issue for areas with high apartment penetration or with heritage-style homes. For residents parking on the street, getting an electric car may seem like a daunting task due to the lack of home charging options.

We can work with you to set up EV charging hubs operating like a petrol station, or even more innovative solutions like lamp post charging. JET Charge are designing a range of solutions with our partners to integrate the latest charging technology into existing street-side assets.

Managing public chargers

Once chargers are installed and your residents start using them, you will need a way to manage the site. This may involve electrical load management, user authentication, and billing for electricity use. JET Charge offer solutions to all these problems.

Electrical load management with CORE

If your public charging hardware is drawing power from a larger site network or receives significant demand, there is a chance it will exceed the electrical supply allocation of your site. This can be disruptive with circuit breakers tripping, and should be avoided.

Thankfully, JET Charge has designed the CORE EMS as a hardware-based, fully OCPP-compatible solution. CORE maximises the efficiency of your power allocation, prevents overloads, and integrates with your hardware, software, and any renewable energy sources. To learn more, visit our Solutions page.

User authentication and billing with Chargefox software

JET Charge cofounded Chargefox, Australasia’s largest network of public electric vehicle chargers connected over a single app-based software platform.

Chargefox is an ideal solution to manage your public charging hardware and ensure EV drivers can easily find and use your system. Ask our technicians about Chargefox integration for more.

Show me the difference between AC and DC hardware

Whether you install AC or DC-powered EV chargers depends on many factors including power availability, average parking time, your budget, and your plans for the future of the site. For a detailed analysis of the types of charger available, see our CHARGING IN PUBLIC resource page.

AC Charging Hardware

Suitable for any site where the driver stays for an hour or longer, AC charging presents a cost-effective way to offer universal charging to all EV drivers.

DC Charging Hardware

As the most powerful charging technology, DC chargers are perfect for high-turnover or fast-charging applications. DC chargers depending on your objective can be highly desirable for EV users that need a quick top up.

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