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Workplace charging is a valuable investment and a key step toward the future

Whether you’re a business owner or an employee, JET Charge have the experience to help you charge at work.

Workplace installations

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Why offer workplace charging?

The next decade is set to fundamentally change the way we get to and from work. Every day, an increasing number of New Zealanders are switching to driving an electric vehicle and once they do, they’ll want to charge at work.

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What kind of EV charger should I install at work?

The needs of your employees and customers should be at the forefront of your EV charging decision. Different technologies make it possible to charge more vehicles at once, charge faster, or integrate with other software and hardware systems.

JET Charge will assist in the process of planning, designing, and provisioning your workplace charging network.

Be the better employer

Evidence shows that EV owners charge most at home and at work. Offering charging access sets your business apart and supports your employees as they transition to driving electric. As more and more drivers make the switch, workers will increasingly seek out employers that support this utility.

EVs have also emerged as the preferred choice for business fleets this decade. With on-site solar and charging, it is possible to run EVs for no ongoing cost and with zero emissions. Even without renewables, EVs are cheaper to run and maintain than combustion-fueled vehicles.

Software management and integration

JET Charge work closely with Chargefox, Australasia’s leading software network for EV charging.

Chargefox provides insights into each vehicle’s electricity usage, so you can make informed decisions about future investments. Without data, companies and fleet managers cannot easily track where power is going.

With Chargefox, all the data is easily accessible and understandable.

JET Charge commission Chargefox right alongside your charging hardware, so you’ll be ready to capture insights as soon as your stations are installed.

Install in any environment

We offer a comprehensive range of brands and charger types, which we’ve carefully selected to ensure we always offer the right hardware for the job. Every charger we recommended is tried and tested by experts in the EV charging field.

JET Charge regularly service businesses in all segments, from offices to industrial. Whatever your environment or your needs, we can recommend and provision charging for your site.

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