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Electric vehicle charging offers a tremendous opportunity for property developers

With the right infrastructure and systems, parking areas can be transformed from a passive necessity to an active utility for your building as well as a value-adding resource for investors, residents, or clients.

Property developer installations

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End to end advice, not just a specification

We advise some of the biggest names in the property development industry, many of whom have engaged JET Charge to assess their EV Charging strategy and implement building-specific designs and installations. JET Charge are also often the trusted source to turn to when services consultants need assistance with EV charging design and integration advice. By getting the right advice up front, we can save developers time and money throughout the development process.

Why should I provide EV charging for my development?

The short answer is: “because you’re now expected to”.

The long answer is a bit more nuanced. When JET Charge first started almost a decade ago, most conversations revolved around whether electric vehicles were going to be a thing. Fast forward to today, and the questions no longer revolve around “if” but “how fast”.

That’s why we’ve gone from installing no charging stations because nobody believed in EVs, to installing one or two in the visitor car park, to having just installed over 50 ports at a mixed use building in Melbourne, Australia.

Commercial tenants are now requesting EV charging for their Directors, Executives and Partners. Residents are asking for them. EV charging will become an increasingly useful sales tool for all developers.

Planning from the start

Designing properties to offer EV charging at the outset allows developers to implement a cheaper, more efficient, more powerful charging system. Our team of project coordinators and engineers have years of experience integrating custom EV charging networks within your site’s electrical system.

We’ve learned and developed tailored techniques to maximise the output and efficiency of our designs which our technicians are specially trained to implement.

In addition, we supply, install, and commission all hardware and software for use by your on-site management and electrical teams.

How many should I install?

It’s almost always the first question we get. The answer is, unfortunately, that it depends.

The amount of EV charging provisioning in greenfield developments are now mostly driven by town planning requirements, building code requirements, Greenstar requirements, and corporate ESG criteria.

Overseas jurisdictions are recommending that 20% of car park spaces be “EV Ready”, which JET Charge supports. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to install that many stations at the start.

The New Zealand Green Building Council awards a Greenstar point where 5% of parking is dedicated to electric vehicles and charging infrastructure is provided for each space, so we always think that’s a good place to start. We also encourage the installation of DC Rapid charging in a communal parking space for those who need a quick top up.

Regardless of how many you install, EV charging is exempt from NABERS calculations.

Our technology scales

Widespread EV adoption requires sophisticated power management from public and private electric infrastructure. We offer solutions to manage electrical load across apartments, businesses and fleet charging.

Our technology facilitates dynamic load control using any open platform hardware and software solution. Our world-leading systems allow you to future-proof your building without being bound by proprietary systems.

More than that, Chargefox allows billing, monitoring and preventative maintenance, so that the facility managers and owners committees don’t need to do the hard job of tracking electricity usage.

The old days of connecting meters to EV charging stations has now been replaced by digital solutions.

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