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New Alcantara Headliner Option

21 August 2014

New textures for internal options and new headliner options

Tesla has become a major success not only due to producing the best car in the world, but also because it knows never to rest on its laurels.  They are constantly trying to improve the Model S and offer the consumer more choice, and choices that we can engage in straight away through the Design Studio.

Tesla’s website went down yesterday for maintenance and we knew that something was going to change – and alas, it has.

New Headliner Option

Previously only available to purchasers of the P85, the Alcantara headliner is now available as a $1,800 option in all versions of the Model S (available in black and white).  Interestingly, the price is the same with or without the panoramic roof, even though you’d use a lot more material without the pano roof option.

We think this is just another touch of luxury that Model S owners can choose from, and very much welcome Tesla’s decision to open it up to owners of all Models.

No word as to whether this can be retrospectively fitted (though I doubt it can).

New Textures and Icons

You may have also noticed that the icons for the Interior options have changed.  They have been elongated and the rendering has been improved to try and more realistically effect the differences between the options.

I especially appreciate the clear difference now between the Obeche Wood Matte and Gloss options, whereas previously they looked very similar.