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Taycan hits 3425 km over 24hr endurance slog

20 August 2019

Porsche’s all electric Taycan has been put through its latest test this week, powering through 3425 km over a single day in extreme condition testing. Drivers fought 42° heat to push the prototype to its limits before the Taycan’s world premiere in September.

The Porsche team took to the Nardò test track in Italy to conduct their test, cycling between 6 drivers over the course of the 24 hour challenge. The 12.6 km circuit is specifically designed for extreme testing, and Porsche installed a dedicated 800 V charger to keep the Taycan driving for as long as possible.

The Taycan will be the world’s first production EV with 800 V charging when it launches this year. Porsche claim the added capacity cuts down on charge time, reduces weight, and boosts performance overall.

The distance driven is even more impressive in the hot Italian summer. Temperatures peaked at 42° and remained high over the course of the day. Even then, the Taycan sustained speeds of between 195 & 215 km/h.

Just how fast the Taycan charges remains to be seen, but it can’t have been stopped for long to sustain the speeds it did. Even including stops, the average speed comes in at over 140 km/h.

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