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Public charging projects

Why offer public EV charging?

Experience has shown that not only do public charging stations have the ability to attract EV owners, often with higher disposable incomes, to your business, but once they do get there, they also stay longer.
Charging in Public

Every building is a power station

JET Charge Core: Energy Management System

Widespread EV adoption requires sophisticated power management from public and private electric infrastructure. We offer solutions to manage electrical load across apartments, businesses and fleet charging.
JET Charge Core

Our customers

We fight for a sustainable future

That’s why we are a member of these organisations, so that we can accelerate the deployment of electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

No obstacle too big!

JET Charge took all of the effort out of working on the approvals from the owners corporation. The team worked extremely efficiently in overcoming every obstacle that was requested of them and without JET Charge there is no way I would have been able to get the equipment approved, especially in the time frame. I would highly recommend JET Charge to anyone thinking of getting an electric car whilst living in an apartment building.

Delighted with the service

Thanks team JET Charge. We’ve been delighted with the service and final result. The quote and job was completed in a timely manner and on budget. The installation is neat, tidy and practical. The advice given was helpful and appreciated. We will certainly be using JET Charge for any future work we may have.

Friendly, efficient and professional

I was delighted with the friendly, efficient and professional service from the team at Jet Charge during the recent installation of my Tesla Wall Charger. They are expert in this area, and I had complete confidence the job was done to the highest and safest standards. I would highly recommend them, make the most of their experience and expertise of all EV charging issues.