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In case you’re wondering – we love the Model S

21 August 2014

At JET Charge, we try our best to present a balanced opinion (despite our fanaticism) of the Model S in the Australian context.  Australia, in my ways, is a unique country with consumer choices that are different to other markets. 

This morning we received feedback on one of our blog posts comparing the Model S 60 to other choices in the market (here).  Specifically, we were told that our blog post did not give prospective buyers a positive view on the Model S. 

We were a little shocked, as anyone on the TMC Forums would know how absolutely in love we are with the Model S.  But I think we’ve picked out the section that has caused a little confusion:

But Tesla’s lack of advanced safety features have been well documented – things like blind spot assist, lane departure assist, reversing guidelines etc. Features that many of the above vehicles have.

I should have added the following:

  • Many of these issues can be solved via future Software Updates, which, uniquely to Tesla, can be done over the air in your own home.
  • The Tesla Model S is still the safest car ever built according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in the US.
  • The Model S’ high definition backup camera, which can be turned on all the time, plays a big role in helping to alleviate many of the concerns above.

However, we are not the first lovers of the Model S to point out these flaws.  Many owners, far more evangelical than us, have pointed these out.  Our hope is that Tesla will continue to make the Model S even better than it is today.

But in any case, if there is any doubt on our position, we think the Model S is the best car on the market right now.  If it were up to us, everyone would have one. 

I’ll leave you with another quote from our previous blog post:

Essentially, you’re driving the future.