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Tesla Model S surprisingly luxurious

10 July 2014

As we mentioned last time, test drives in Australia are about to start.

One of the lucky first was TMC Forum user MangroveMike, who praised the quietness, acceleration and internal finishes of the Model S.  Being a P85+, we’re not surprised that he loved the acceleration!

Perhaps surprisingly, he found the interior to be “luxurious”, whereas many other owners have commented that it lacks the polish of an S class.  

Given that the Model S is so much cheaper than the S class in Australia, this complaint is a lot less relevant here.  

I contacted Mike privately and he said again that he was surprised at how luxurious it felt – he expected “techie” but not necessarily luxurious.

He also commented that the absence of a hand break was strange.  His driveway is quite steep so stopping and getting out was a little weird.  

When you think about it though, of course it makes sense that the handbreak is just integrated, why take the extra step?

He posted a great teaser photo and some graphs of its power usage during charging validation, which we have posted here with permission from Mike.